Want to travel with friends or family? Are you a club? A company? 

Group travel picture With OUIBUS, we like the idea of group travel.

With our group rates, treat yourself to the luxury of traveling with all your friends, to the largest cities in France and in Europe!

After all, it is well-known: the more the merrier!

Group prices

OUIBUS routes

Con destino aWeekly rate*Weekend rate**

*Price per passenger, valid weekdays only, from Monday to Thursday inclusive.
**Price per passenger, valid on weekends from Friday to Sunday inclusive, on public holidays and the day before public holidays in France.

Los precios pueden aumentar durante el tiempo de uso más alto.

How can I work out how much it will cost?


For 15 people travelling from Paris to Amsterdam

Leaving on a Thursday

The cost of your journey will be

15 x 25,00€ = 375,00€

Returning on a Sunday

The cost of your journey will be

15 x 35,00€ = 525,00€

Total cost of the return journey for 15 people

375,00€ + 525,00€ = 900,00€

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